Monday, May 30, 2011


a tasty work of art

My mom and I made this artist pallette a few months ago.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


for my first cupcake I tried is a smores cupcake.

easy recipe:
chocalate cupcakes
chocalate frosting
chocalate chips
mini marshmellows

1. frost chocalate cupcakes with pipe
2. seperate gramcrackers into small pieces place one piece onto cupcake
3. put chocolate chips on top
4. put marshmellow on top
5. eat

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a message from chARLI


our trip

We just had a great trip to Indiana and Kentucky.

While we were there we went to the birth place of Abraham Lincoln it was really cool I learned that when he was little he saw a group of slaves in shackles walking by and was very ifluensed by that experies. he was born on sinking springs creek. He loved telling stories and loved learning and practising his alphebet. he had a older sister names Sarah and a little brother named Thomas after his father that only lived a few days. His mother died of the milk diseas. He became a lawer and then president. he did many great things while president like ending the civil was and slavery. There is also a new statue of Abraham Lincoln on the Blevedere in Louisville Kentucky. I went there to see it with my grandma, grandpa and cousins.

There was a civil war battle fought in Corydon. We got to visit the battle site. general joun hunt morgan of the confederate states raided coradon and killed eight people and robbed the bank and stole the horses and other animals and food. colonel lewis jordon there were 2,400 troops in hunts army and only 400 home gaurds.

WE also visited teh Leora B rwon school which was a school for black children. leora brown was the teacher. its was very interesting to see the origenal chalk bourd which was so derty because they didnt have money to buy a new one.

we also visited the jefferson davis memorial. it is the lagest monumentin the world made out of cement. jefferson davis was the first and only president of the confederit states. the monument is about 350 feet tall there is anelevater we went on to the top(that has been redon sence the 1800s) it was very fun. The monument is located close to russelville kentucky, where my grandpa is from.