Saturday, April 25, 2009

new stuff

a made this at School a few weeks ago. I love giraffes- i'm kind of crazy about them . Everyone in my class made an animal so I clearly made a girrafe out of clay. this is how it turned out.

The other day I went to my friend's house and she taught me how to make these little button bracelets. My mom took me to Hobby Lobby to get supplies and I have made about 6 of my own so far. Maybe I can sell them one day.

Volleyball is underway. My good friend Kit is doing it with me and it always much more fun to have a friend there. Volleyball is my favorite sportand I recently learned how to do an overhand serve. I practice out in the yard almost every day. Here is my hero- Misty May Treaner. I got her autograph a couple of months ago. It says - Dream in Gold. Misty May Treanor.
Tomorrow is mother daughter book club. i can't wait it's our last one of the year so we are having a cooking class. i can't wait.