Monday, October 20, 2008

Washington DC

last week we went to washington DC. It was super fun! I enjoyed seeig all my family. sencewe did'nt have a car there we rode the metro exsept me and my cousin gabe called it the subway because we thout it sonded cooler to say to people. my favorite part was seeing the arckives and the lincoln memorial was pretty cool too. we got to also go to all the war memorials which in some caseswas realy sad but interesting to see and learn about. we went to alot of meuseems all of them I loved! it worked out perfectly because in homeschool I was learning about the revalutionary war and I finished that subject the day before we left.

On Monday, we went to williamsburg which was super cool because I just got a doll from there. It was super fun. We saw the goveners palace and alot of old timey stores, resteraunts, carradges and houses. there were alot of people there in costumes it was fun to see ll the people and places. all the grand children got a hat even charli!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

news paper

last week my class had a women come in from the gazzete to talk to us about journalism it was very helpful for me and the rest or the news paper commitee which my mom set up for the classes. It was very interesting to heer about all the articles she had writen and she told us about part of the news paper that we could write for. my mom said that we could go to the news paper meating that the women told us about. It was aspetily interesting for me mostly beacuse I wan't to be a pearson who works for the news paper too.