Wednesday, December 3, 2008


these are my good friends from next door and of course my sisterthe little one. this is us on a old stone bridge at a park
this is us at a trail that we were walking

we made cookies and then asked the girls to decerate them. then we ate them at the park

this is us decorating them and eating a few it was to tempting even though

we were supposed to wait till lunch
this is me and my friend kit we were going to a costume party/volley ball game. My coach said I was the most improved player at the clinic. I was proud.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the heart and the Revolutionary War

my dad and I were trying to figure out a puzzle of the heart for science class

this is a poster to get people to join the the war independence for sociel studys. ( I am sure the original posters were better)

this is a time line I made of the revolutionary war

I made a diorama of the battle of lexington and concord. the blue men are supposed to be the rebels/ patriots, and the red are the redcoats or british soldiers. Really these are policemen and firemen we got from the dollar store. in teh background you can see Paul Revere riding away in teh distance to warn folks.

Monday, December 1, 2008


me and my dad had fun carving the pumpkinmy little sis loved halloween cause itwas just like go around and ask
people for free candy. I am Aphrodite the greek goddess of love and my sis is a chicken but she says she is a duck.

this is me and my good friend aimee. she was cleopatra and I was aphrodite. behind us is her grandma. we always go to her house at halloween.