Saturday, August 30, 2008


In homeschool, we're learning about the Pilgrims and theMayflower. Here a story I started--

I watched the waves role in and out as I silently knited in the corner of the cramped boat waiting and watching for somthing to happen-- anything. Then all of the sudden I herd someone from up on deck say LAND HO! Could it really be true was our waiting over have we reached the new world? I ran to get papa, mama and anabell. "Mama," Papa I shouted. "What is it Elisebeth," said Papa. "We've reached the world!" I blurted out. "Really?" said Papa. I just herd Captain Jones. "Well, what are we waiting for, lets go see our new home." said Mom! It felt so good to step on solid land. But I immediately new our adventure had only begun...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well fourth grade has started and I am off to a good start with my homeschool adventures. I love homeschool exsept when me and my mom have to much time together, Which is why I go the homeschool acadamy one day a week. I play volley with my friend Kit witch I love but a few days ago I fell on some rocks and spranded my ankle and had to go to the doctor to get it checked out the found a small ckrack in this bone so I went to the doctor again today and I have to where a brace so I can't play volley boll for half the time . I love misty may and I hope to be as good as her one day. I love waching the her play in the Olympics with Kari Walsh.

I have two next door neghbors named Emily and Elisibeth. I play with them almost every sacond of everyday. they have a six year old brother named Andres. they moved here about a year ago from argentina so they speek flewent spanish and english so half of the time when there talking to there mom I don't know what there saying.

I have a little sister called charli exsep she calls herself cookie. My mom says shes in the terrible twos, and I think thats true she's pretty noddy but she can be really sweat to rarly though. Charli has club foot and gos to Physical thirapy but is geting along awsome we are so glad she can walk. she tries to run but acasionaly falls down but always gets up. Today she bit my mom and then we noticest that she is teething and just wanted to bite somthing. So she's been chewing on her toothbrush. Little sisters can be a bother.